Hello HTTPS!

From this point my site is also available via https.   It was not mandatory, but in modern browsers http sites may be marked as ‘unsecured’ and ‘untrusted’. It may happen that in the nearest future all sites without encryptions will be blocked by default in every popular web browser. I don’t want to be badged as ‘untrusted’ or be…

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Isolated USB to RS485 adapter version 2

This is a second version of the usb to RS485 adapter. Please read this article about the first version. New device is built with ISO3082 and requires less components. Also this device can provide more reliability in some situations.

Astro tools, Electronics, Radio & antennas

Low noise and low cost amplifier for radio astronomy, 21 cm band.

21 cm band also known as Hydrogen line is one of the important bands in radio astronomy. Please read this wikipedia article if you not familiar with Hydrogen line. Nowadays even radio amateurs can observe this signal from the outer space, thanks to modern hardware. One of the most important part of the any receiver is antenna and input stage.…

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Allsky camera, Astro tools, Electronics, Software

Autonomous Allsky camera with Raspberry PI. Part 3: shooting night sky in FITS using QHY5-IIM camera

This is a third part of the Allsky cycle. Please read previous articles to get complete information about this project: Part 1. Autonomous Allsky camera with Raspberry PI: overview. Part 2. Autonomous Allsky camera with Raspberry PI: powering and lightning protection This time I will show my utility and script for shooting night sky and processing of the images.