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Oleg Kutkov

Embedded systems engineer

Kyiv, Ukraine


Software and hardware hacking. Linux kernel, drivers.
Embedded platforms: AVR, STM, NXP, QCA, Raspberry.
Reverse engineering. Electronics and Radio.
Astrophysics and Space.

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Kharkiv national aerospace university, 2005-2011.  CS master’s degree.

edX MIT online course: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight, 2020


Work experience

Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine

2018 – Present.

Senior embedded engineer at AirMax project.
60GHz solutions, low-level SoC development, and BSP.


Crimean astrophysical observatory

2016 – 2018

Development and support of Astrophysical hardware and software.
Radioastronomy research.
Variable stars research.
Amateur space observations and astrophotography 🙂


Yandex LLC

2013 – 2016

Development and support of internal infrastructure software components
Designing and developing the geotargeting databases and algorithms.


SunBay Innovations LTD

2009 – 2013

Head of the product Unix development.
Drivers and system development for Linux and macOS.
Kernel hacking.
Other research and development tasks.


Social activity

Member and lecturer of the few space and physical conferences.
Technical lecturer at educational events in the Crimean astrophysical observatory.
Free software contributor.


Personal interests

Robotics, operating systems, space & astronomy, photography.


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