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Oleg Kutkov

Embedded systems engineer

Kyiv, Ukraine


Software and hardware hacking. Linux kernel, drivers.
Embedded platforms: AVR, STM, NXP, QCA, Raspberry.
Reverse engineering. Electronics and Radio.
Astrophysics and Space.

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Kharkiv national aerospace university, 2005-2011.  CS master’s degree.

edX MIT online course: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight, 2020


Work experience

Ubiquiti Labs Ukraine

2018 – Present.

Senior embedded engineer at AirMax project.
60GHz solutions, low-level SoC development, and BSP.


Crimean astrophysical observatory

2016 – 2018

Development and support of Astrophysical hardware and software.
Radioastronomy research.
Variable stars research.
Amateur space observations and astrophotography 🙂


Yandex LLC

2013 – 2016

Development and support of internal infrastructure software components
Designing and developing the geotargeting databases and algorithms.


SunBay Innovations LTD

2009 – 2013

Head of the product Unix development.
Drivers and system development for Linux and macOS.
Kernel hacking.
Other research and development tasks.


Social activity

Member and lecturer of a few space and physical conferences.
Technical lecturer at educational events in the Crimean astrophysical observatory.
Free software contributor.


Personal interests

Robotics, operating systems, space & astronomy, photography.


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