Powerful DC motor driver using IR2110

To control speed and rotation direction of the DC motor we need some type of the motor driver, one of the most popular schematic is H-Bridge. For the low current and voltages we can use some integral solution like L293D and so on. But if we need more power and reliability we have to build some custom H-bridge using mosfet transistors. This type of the transistors requires careful and proper driving itself. One of the most popular integral solution for driving mosfets is IR2110 from Infineon.
In this article we will discuss how to use this IC to build powerful DC motor driver.

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Simple Linux character device driver.

Character device is a one of the simplest way to communicate with module in the Linux kernel.
This devices are presented as special files in a /dev directory and supports direct reading and writing of any data, byte by byte, like a stream. Actually most of the pseudo-devices in /dev is a character devices: serial ports, modems, sound and video adapters, keyboards, some custom I/O interfaces. User space programs can easily open, read, write and do custom control requests with such device files.
Here I describing how to write a simple Linux kernel module which can create one or multiple character device.

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